Carlson Labs Solar D Gems Vitamin D3 – 2000 IU 120 and 360 gels

If you are a person that gets very little sun, have allergies to milk or are vegan, you may have a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is made by the body when skin is exposed to sunlight. Sunlight converts cholesterol in the skin into Vitamin D. This vitamin is also found in some foods such as egg yolks, dairy, grains and fish. Solar D Gems contains a natural vitamin D3 for those of you who may be deficient in this vitamin. D3 supports a healthy immune system while supporting bone health and strength. The medical community has reported that individuals with cancer have low levels of vitamin D. Carlson Labs Solar D Gems not only supplies 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 but also 115 mg of omega-3s. This supplement comes in an easy to take softgel that has a natural lemon flavor. Carlson guarantees the potency, purity and freshness of this supplement.

Even though there are many ways to get vitamin D, wearing sunscreen, changing seasons, your skin color and age can effect your levels of vitamin D over time. Since vitamin D has so many health benefits including brain, immune, vision, joint, bone and heart health, it’s generally a good idea to take this supplement. This supplement gives you the added benefit of omega-3s to support all the cells in your body. Omega-3s are also important for heart health.

How to use: This softgel can be chewed. The adult dosage is 1 softgel taken every other day with a meal. One softgel contains: 2,000 IU vitamin D3, 1 IU vitamin E (natural), 500 mg Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, Omega-3s 115 mg (DHA, EPA).

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