ChildLife Essentials by Dr. Clarke

ChildLife Essentials has a complete line of supplements that have been specifically designed for your children and infants. Their background and experience is extensive where children and infants are concerned. Dr. Clarke is the founder of ChildLife Essentials. He came to the U.S. back in 1984 from New Zealand and took up medicine. He has licenses and doctorates in three fields including Chinese medicine (Acupuncture and Herbology), Naturopathic medicine and Homeopathic medicine. For over 26 years he has been a pioneer in Holistic Pediatrics in his clinic in Santa Monica, California.

Dr. Clarke’s clinic was establish in 1988. There he started practice making use of acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition and herbs. Once parents brought their children and infants to Dr. Clarke and saw the benefits of his treatment, they kept coming back for more. Before long, word got around and his clinic took off. His reputation began to grow locally and pediatricians began to refer their patients to Dr. Clarke when Western approaches weren’t able too help.

Dr. Clarke established ChildLife Essentials in 2000. He formulated and manufactured the very first complete line of supplements just for children and infants. This line of supplements is based on Clarke’s experience at his clinic. He has 16 products which are the most effective and important to provide children and infants with healthy development and strong immune systems that there is.

ChildLife Essentials supplements contain no artificial flavorings or sweeteners and no colorings have been added. All of these products are alcohol and gluten free and have been independently tested for heavy metals and pesticides. They are also GMO free. Children don’t mind taking his supplements because they taste great. Dr. Clarke’s products are available in health food store, pharmacies and natural stores in the United States but they are also distributed to Asia, South Pacific, New Zealand and Europe. His product line has become the #1 selling children’s supplement line globally.

Dr. Clarke has won a number of awards for having the safest and best products for children and infants. He has won the MACT (Mommy approved child tested) award for 7 consecutive years since the award was established. ChildLife Essentials has also received the KIWI Award for Best and Safest Products for Babies and Children. KIWI Magazine is a magazine for parents and this magazine brings information about issues that affect children. Select Nutrition is a major distributor of natural supplements and they provide top retailers with the best supplements, vitamins and nutrients around. ChildLife Essentials has been providing Select Nutrition with their #1 selling supplement (ChildLife Essentials Liquid Calcium with Magnesium) for three consecutive years. According to Select Nutrition, ChildLife Essentials is their #1 best selling brand of all the brands they sell. This has never been achieved by any other nutritional supplement company before. Without a doubt, this supplement is the best around. So, it appears that the best supplement line for children and infants is ChildLife Essentials by Dr. Clarke.

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