Children’s Vitamins – Best Way To Make Kids Eat Vitamins

If you have children, then you know it’s difficult to get your children to take supplements. Sometimes the supplements are too big, smell bad or taste bad not to mention they might have a strange texture. So what’s a parent to do. Below are some suggestions that I hope will be helpful. Fortunately, more and more supplement manufacturers are making gummy supplements that are attractive, great tasting and fun to chew not only for children but adults as well.

How to get Children to take their Vitamins

  • Tablets – often times it is very difficult for a child to swallow a whole tablet or even chew one and some tablets are not meant to be chewed. You can simply crush a tablet and take the powder you created and mix it with some juice or food. Don’t try to mix the powder with hot foods as many vitamins are heat sensitive. Try some applesauce or other pureed fruit. Drinks such as orange or pineapple juice work well if you have that on hand. Just make sure what ever juice you choose, that it masks the taste of the vitamin. You don’t have to taint a whole food portion or drink portion to get the vitamin into your child. You could just have a small portion of food or drink that contains the vitamin. Let your child take that and have a full cup of untainted juice or bowl full of food they can use as a sort of chaser. This seems to work well.
  • Vitamins for babies – no matter what you try to do with tablets or liquids for infants, most of it will end up on the highchair or floor or even worse on you. The only thing you can do here is to mix their vitamins with juice or food as well. You just need to be persist and try, try again until you have success. The earlier you start with an infant, the earlier the infant will begin to accept they need to take their vitamins. Then when they get older, they won’t have a problem with taking their vitamins. 
  • Liquid vitamins – using liquid vitamins can sometimes be better than pills you have to crush. They readily mix with other liquids and foods. However, liquid vitamins don’t keep as long as pills once they are open. If the liquid vitamin recommends you should store it in the fridge, then that’s what you need to do. And again mixing this with a strong flavored juice such as pineapple or orange juice is the best idea.
  • Chewable tablets – the old fashioned chewable vitamins have been around for quite some time for children and adults. They are usually tasty and certainly convenient. Children generally have no problem with chewables because they come in great flavors like grape, strawberry, lemon and lime. Just stay away from vitamins that contain artificial sweeteners and colors. Vitamin C has been around a long time as a chewable and it tastes great. See if you can get the non-acidic ascorbate form because it’s a lot easier on tooth enamel than the acidic form.
  • Chewable gummies – This is the newest form of chewables and it’s all the craze not only for children but adults as well. Well, they’re downright fun because they come in all different shapes and many different flavors. It’s just like eating a gumdrop and it doesn’t get any better than that.

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