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COQ10 - MIT Nutritions

$109.75 $39.99

  • Promotes Cardiovascular and Circulatory Health: CoQ10 has been clinically shown to promote heart health by supplying energy, strengthening heart muscle and improving oxygen delivery
  • COQ10 is what you need: As we age, our body systems have to work harder to perform at their best. CoQ10 is a Vitamin-like substance found naturally in most human cells that directly supports the healthy functioning of the heart, brain, and skin. based on reviews, collected over 10 years, 83% of clients taking MIT NUTRA COQ10 experienced a noticeably increase in energy vs. only 30% taking regular CoQ10 in powder form
  • Highest Quality COQ10: In addition to containing a clinically proven, patented formulation, our CoQ10 formula is manufactured in a GMP Certified facility in the USA and has been third party tested to guarantee purity and potency
  • Natural Power Enhancer: this powerful cofactor is known for its ability to improve endurance, helping to increase overall performance among individuals. Additionally, CoQ10 helps to defend cells against the effects of harmful oxidation, shown to hinder physical activity.
  • Try Risk Free: If you are NOT FULLY SATISFIED for any reason we will refund your money no questions asked

Coenzyme Q10 is naturally found in human cells and is integral to healthy functioning of the heart, brain, and skin as we age. A CoQ10 supplement can help rejuvenate key body systems and provide the energy boost needed to perform at your best every day. 

Due to its large molecular size and high variability, CoQ10 is not easily absorbed in the human body. When delivered in a powdered crystalline form, as with most CoQ10 supplements, less than 1% of orally administered CoQ10 permeates the GI tract to reach the bloodstream. Patented MIT NUTRA COQ10 is meticulously formulated to overcome the challenges responsible for poor absorption, resulting in clinically proven 3x higher amounts of CoQ10 absorption.

Instead of crystalline powder, which does not entirely dissolve in the lipid portion of the small intestine, MIT NUTRA CoQ10 is suspended in rice bran oil, which naturally contains gamma oryznol, a plant sterol with lipid-like solubility which facilitates aborption.

MIT NUTRA has formulated one of the cleanest purest CoQ10 on the market to date. We source our ingredeints from only the BEST Suppliers in the world. All of our supplements are 3rd Party Tested to meet or exceed label claims....the other guys can not do that.


MIT NUTRA – Quality, Purity, Simplicity and Transparency

At MIT NUTRA we’re dedicated to supporting you in your journey towards better health. We source only the highest quality ingredients and use stringent third party testing methods to ensure that only the purest, most potent formulations ever see the inside of our bottles. We promise that what you see on the label is exactly what you get inside each serving. All of our supplements are produced in the USA and meet or exceed recommended standards for quality and safety.

Purity for Your Family at Every Level!

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