Total Probiotics – 40 Billion CFU with MAKTREK Technology


$109.75 $39.99

Total Probiotics - 40 Billion CFU with MAKTREK Technology - MIT Nutritions
Total Probiotics – 40 Billion CFU with MAKTREK Technology

$109.75 $39.99

  • 100% honesty backed ingredients and product label - Each capsule contains 7 times the CFUs of the best selling probiotics on Amazon. MIT NUTRA TOTAL Probiotics is arguably the best probiotics in the world; hands down! Better survivability against stomach acids than any probiotics on the market today. Improves your immune and digestive system. Become lactose tolerant and regular again! Significantly help with the side effects associated with antibiotic therapy. Replenish good bacteria faster!
  • HIGH STRENGTH GUT & BRAIN PROBIOTIC: Veggie Capsules containing 11 live strains of good bacteria with 30 Billion CFU’s and prebiotic fibre. All natural, non-GMO, free of soy or gluten, no artificial colors.
  • ADVANCED FORMULA: May help with symptoms of gas, bloating constipation, indigestion, irregularity, leaky gut, antibiotic induced diarrhea. Helps nutrient absorption for brain & general health. With continued LONG-TERM use, may aid mood and energy levels to alleviate symptoms of chronic fatigue & stress. May help with immunity, metabolism (maintain healthy weight, sugar levels and cholesterol), combat allergies & lactose intolerance, promote MEN and WOMEN HEALTH (balance yeast growth / candida).
  • COMPARE OUR PROBIOTICS TO: MIT NUTRA Probiotics, Digestive Health Probiotic, Live Well Pro 45 Probiotics, PB8 Probiotic, VSL 3 Probiotics Capsules, Align Probiotic Digestive Care, Golive Probiotic And Prebiotic, Digestive Advantage Probiotic, Vitacost Probiotic, American Health Probiotic, Insync Natural Probiotic
  • YOUR SEARCH FOR A QUALITY PROBIOTIC HAS BEEN REWARDED - This product is all natural, non-GMO, contains no soy or gluten, and no artificial colouring, encapsulated in veggie capsules. It is manufactured in the USA, in an FDA-Registered facility, according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). It is third party tested and doctor recommended.

The MIT NUTRA TOTAL PROBIOTIC is a complete formula that is great for your gastrointestinal and immune health. With 11 distinct, scientifically proven and researched bacteria strains, the MIT NUTRA TOTAL PROBIOTIC holds the crown of the world’s best probiotic supplement in the world!

Around 70% of your immune system is in your digestive system and for you to have an agile immune system, you need an agile and functioning digestive system. There are many reasons why you would want to take a probiotic supplement. For all those reasons, the MIT NUTRA TOTAL PROBIOTIC will meet your needs in terms of potency, viability, shelf stability, lifespan of good bacteria, stomach acid survivability, and above all, a solid immune system that fights for you and prevents you from getting sick*.

​Some of the benefits you'll derive when you decide to buy MIT NUTRA TOTAL PROBIOTICS:

  • Helps improve your immune and digestive system
  • Helps you fight against irregular stomach upsets
  • Helps you digest food better
  • Experience less gas and bloating
  • Helps with occasional diarrhea
  • Greatly improves your bowel movement
  • Each bottle packs 1 trillion 50 billion good, friendly, beneficial bacteria
  • Each bottle packs the equivalent of 1.05% good bacteria in an adult gut
  • One capsule a day means you’re in charge
  • ABSOLUTELY no side effects

The MIT NUTRA TOTAL PROBIOTIC is an all-natural supplement high in 8 distinct and scientifically proven active cultures. With the inclusion of FOS and FiberAid, these cultures are safely and effectively delivered to your gut while surviving the stomach acid and harsh environment in the gut.

While other brands claim higher survivability in the gut, none of these brands are as powerful as the MIT NUTRA TOTAL PROBIOTIC.
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