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Discover the Benefits of Water Shed

Whether you are tired of feeling a bit bloated most of the time (or just periodically) or you are a bodybuilder hoping to attain optimal definition, you need to know about water weight. The technical definition of it is “retention of fluid”, and a physician may even refer to it as edema. Neither fat nor […]

Did You Know There are More Adult Diapers Sold in Japan Now Than Baby Diapers?

Japan has a problem that is unique from the rest of the world. Their senior population, which accounts for over 27% of its total population is continuing to grow, while the number of births in the country is on a rapid decline. This has led to an enormous population that is suffering from adult incontinence.

For adult diaper manufacturers, this is a blessing that leaves them raking in the big bucks. But for seniors who are increasingly being pushed adult diapers as the solution, their lifestyles are being impacted. Despite the vision marketing and advertising executives are trying to sell, wearing an adult diaper cannot be comfortable.

Supplements and proper nutrition can provide relief for this aging population instead. Evaluating the underlying cause is an important step, and seeking to improve diets and lifestyles is highly recommended.

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