MIT Nutritions Private Label Manufacturing and Wholesale Program 

At MIT Nutritions we are offering private label manufacturing of our white label products that include different supplements and vitamins as well as beauty products, shampoos, cremes etc…

You can buy Garcinia Cambogia, Turmeric, Raspberry Ketones and many other products from us at wholesale prices. We do our best to deliver pharmaceutical grade, potent supplements and vitamins at the lowest possible price.

Our facility is located in the mid-west and we are GMP certified and FDA licensed facility.

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There no job that’s small or too big for us, we can handle it all. To get wholesale prices, all you need to do is order at least 50 bottles if you are trying to offer MIT Nutritions products or for private label 200 bottles or more. More you buy, more money we can save for you. If you purchase large quantities of 10,000 bottles or more, we can work out the best possible prices.

All the products you buy from us are tested before bottled. For white label products, expiration date and lot number gets printed on the label and for custom, private label jobs, you tell us where you want expiration date and lot number printed – label or the bottom of the bottle.

Our list of wholesale products, you can buy at low prices located here – – minimum order is 50 bottles.



For your custom jobs, we will follow your guidance. You can pick any configuration you like. Custom jobs minimum order will be at 2,000 – 2,500 bottles. We can mix any type of materials for you as long as its possible. We are up for challenge. More you can order in one shot, more money you will save.

We can produce anything you like. Any colors. Any capsules or Tablets. Any type of soft gel, veggie capsule. Any form. Any size. Any type of blister pack. Any type of liquid. Any configuration can be done. You just tell us what you are looking for and we’ll take it from there.


Please note, you are buying products at wholesale prices. There no returns. Once you pay and we begin printing labels, selecting products for your order, it is non-refundable. For most of the orders we prefer a wire transfer. We charge 50% upfront before we begin the work and final 50% payment when your order is ready to ship. Typical lead time (depending on the size of the order) is around 8-10 weeks from the initial deposit. If your artwork is not ready by the time you placing order or there any issues with labels, blister packs or bottles, it may delay the production. We are not responsible for what’s happening outside of our control. If you wish to place order with credit card or PayPal, there will be 3.5% fee added to the total. Organizations with physical address in WA state will have to pay 9.5% WA state sales tax.

GMP Compliance

If you are ready to get started on development of your own products or want to inquire about our white label list of productsContact US Now!